For Rocksteady Pack students: in exchange for your discount in excess of 15%, you are only allowed to reschedule if your teacher is absent, not for any other reason, including illness. If this doesn't work for you philosophically or circumstantially, you can pay at any time to upgrade to FLEX Packs instead. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For Flex Pack students: any class not cancelled (rescheduled) with teacher 48 hours in advance of its original date is forfeited. Please notify instructors of your planned absence by text for easy tracking.

Holidays policy: all classes that coincide with any national holiday that close schools and businesses shall be rescheduled, but not removed from the month's lesson total, if either the student or instructor prefers to have the day off, e.g. Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, Hanukkah, New Years' Eve and Day, and Independence Day.

"Weather day" policy: as different areas may not be affected adversely by weather or snow during a "no-school weather day", FRS classes may still be held at the discretion of the individual student's family and the instructor. Always call instructor to check. If there is safe travel and you wish to stay on schedule with your classes, you may be able to come in. If travel is unsafe, the class may be made up according to the instructor's makeup schedule.

If FRS Instructors Must Postpone A Class:
• An email, text, or phone call will be sent notifying the student of the postponement. We reschedule the class, either as an expanded one-hour class, or as an additional half hour class, at a mutually approved time with an FRS instructor.
• Under no circumstance will an instructor postponement allow a credit toward future months, or a refund. The FRS's focus is to accept students who actively put more time commitment into their music education, not less.

Makeup Classes "In Advance":
• On occasion, the instructor may lengthen a class at their discretion. For example, if a student ends up having an hour lesson instead of a 1/2 hour, that extra 1/2 hour is logged as a 1/2 hour makeup "in advance". In another example, if a student has attended group classes in addition to their regular twice-weekly lessons, their next makeup shall be considered already made up in advance. When preparing for a show, if a FLEX student or Rocksteady student cannot make a group lesson, their lesson is forfeited.

Arriving at the FRS & What Should I Bring?
• Call or text your instructor to gain entry to the FRS.
• Bring a spiral paper binder, looseleaf folder, pencil, all previous music, and the songs you're covering on a CD, iPod, iPad, smartphone or other mp3 player.

FRS Payment Policies:
• All payments are non-refundable and are requested for debit card payment around the 15th of the month to reserve your classes for the upcoming calendar month. Payments are due upon receipt, always in advance of the 1st.
• If for any reason the emailed invoice is not received on or near the 15th, payment for the upcoming month is still due, so feel free to contact us any month that you haven't received your request. Debit card payments add an additional 2% handling fee through Square Cash, credit card payments add an additional 4% handling fee through Square. Alternately, cash payment can be sent with the student on the lesson nearwest the 15th of each month. Thank you for your understanding!