FIRST, register with our online registration.
This will allow us to communicate easily with you via group emails, texts, or phone calls.

SECOND, decide which pack of FRS Classes is right for you.
What type of individual are you? Would you be best as a FLEX student? Are you the type that needs some 'FLEX' in your life to make it all work? Or are you the 'ROCKSTEADY' type? Consistent and dependable above all?

The FRS has tailored options for both of these complimentary types of individuals in the FLEX Pack or the ROCKSTEADY Pack. (See detailed comparisons of FLEX Packs and ROCKSTEADY Packs under CLASS PACKS in the Menu Bar above.)

THIRD, choose one-hour or half-hour classes for your twice-a-week visits to the FRS.
One hour weekly classes allow more comprehensive attention with the student, particularly as certain students may travel 30 minutes or more to attend the FRS, but half-hour classes are also offered for those with an eye on the budget.

FOURTH, purchase your FRS Class Pack here on the FRS site.
The FRS accepts payments from your Debit card via SquareCash for NO FEE or from your Credit card via Square for a 2.95% additional fee. Cash is also accepted. No checks please.

Payments for a given month are requested around the 15th of the previous month, and are due immediately. Any students discontinuing classes with the FRS should notify the FRS to allow the FRS two weeks to fill their time slots.

FIFTH, choose your Study Focus & Curriculum.
Do you want to learn Guitar? Vocals? Music Theory? And are you more of a "Shyness Is Nice" student, or do you intend to audition for "The FRS On Stage"?

SIXTH, schedule your class times with the FRS by phone!
It's just that simple! Looking forward to helping you develop new musical skills soon! See you at the FRS!

**12/7/13 NOTE: following completion of your online registration, payments and scheduling are currently being handled via email or phone until further notice at:**