The FRS currently offers classes in these Study Focuses:

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Ukelele, Bass Guitar, Male Voice, Female Voice, Practical Music Theory, Piano/Synth, Electronic Beat Making, Drum Set, Pro Tools Engineering, Editing, & General Engineering.
All FRS curriculum requires students to attend twice a week. The FRS currently offers its Curriculum in three general categories:

In this overall approach to its popular music curriculum, the student picks songs appropriate for their instrument from their favorite music and that music is broken down and taught by FRS instructors. Dave has found that this approach can be appropriate for all stages of student ability, from beginning to advanced.

Are you too shy to perform in front of an audience? Then Shyness Is Nice is the curriculum for you. The FRS knows that some students have more private goals for their music education, and we support their desire to pursue musical skills for personal satisfaction. If performing is something that doesn't interest you, you'll never be forced to perform publicly at the FRS.
In this curriculum, advanced FRS students form bands to perform material they've collectively-learned, with FRS approval. The goal of group is twofold: to intensely focus students on not just 'playing their music', but reaching performance level; and to promote the FRS program through high quality and dynamic live or in-studio performances.

If you're a hotshot player or think you could be better with an outlet, then we want to know about you! If accepted, you will be challenged to readjust your 'musical microscope' to learn the differences between 'good' and 'great'!

Being a member of The FRS On Stage will allow you to strut your stuff... BUT... first you've gotta walk the walk by auditioning for this special division of the FRS!

Pro collaborations with The FRS On Stage...
Having worked with some of the most dynamic and varied singers in the music industry such as P!nk, Richard Marx, Dolly Parton, Eric Clapton, J.D. Souther, Tim Armstrong, Johnny Rivers, and more; Dave is particularly selective about who sings for The FRS On Stage. In fact, only two FRS students have ever been a featured lead singer of The FRS On Stage, where the prerequisite isn't to be good, it's to be GREAT.

So who does the singing? The FRS typically invites guest artists from regional bands to front the band. These invitations give students the memorable and unique experience of collaborating with professional musicians. Past appearances include Derrick Gard, lead singer of the legendary Michiana rock band, 'Gun Shy'.