Thanks for checking out Dave Carlock's Funkin'-Rock School! Founded in 2011 by Grammy®-winning engineer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dave Carlock; the heart of modern music education is beating strong at the FRS!

Before Dave had his first original song released on Columbia Records, and subsequently moved to New York City and Hollywood; he was one of Southwest Michigan's most popular private music instructors. Dave's reputation as an energetic teacher who could teach aspiring vocalists, guitarists, bassists, and keyboardists in popular music styles and modern technologies kept his student roster packed with weekly students during his weekend breaks from college.

Dave's classes were unique because his philosophy was simple: he made his students tell him what THEY wanted to learn. Dave believed that teaching music that interested the students was the key to getting them to practice. The more students practice, the more they progress. That's just a fact, and to that end Dave's philosophy is still the backbone of the FRS today.

"To Read Or Not To Read Music? That is the question..."
The FRS encourages and emphasizes ear training over reading music, but incorporates reading charts whenever practical, and instructors write charts of varying complexity for the students with regularly.

Dave's teaching philosophy dictates letting the student's enthusiasm for learning new music override the slower learning pace dictated by "strictly" reading sheet music. Promoting fast learning as the "spoon full of sugar" to balance the slower medicine of reading charts has proven over time to be the best strategy to combat the average student's disinterest in written music.
If you would prefer a strict, reading-based approach, the FRS can accommodate that for you through one-hour classes at the twice a week regularity of all FRS students.